The Magic Power of Words (and Images)

Content marketing today is about more than the words written on a website or a blog. It is about lights moving on a website header  to attract attention. It is about  images that make Facebook posts and ads stand out. It is about videos that explain things better than simple words ever could.

Content marketing is a new way of marketing, one that tells a company’s story in unique compelling ways.

Want Content Ideas for Your Business?


People are looking on the Internet for businesses like yours.  But today the Internet is a very crowded space and standing out from the crowd is not easy. The right content on the right platforms will help people find you.


Marketing is about telling people who you are and how you can help them. People want to know that they can trust you. Interesting, valuable and consistent content will keep them interested and engaged.


The reality is that people who follow  you on Facebook or read your blog are often the people who will buy from you – and the ones who will share your information with their friends, who may also decide to buy from you.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines synergy as: "The combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately."

Every business is unique.  We begin by gaining an understanding of a client’s strengths, challenges and goals.  We then consider all available options, putting together a comprehensive marketing plan that uses the right platforms for our client’s business. Finally, we develop and deliver the appropriate content for each of the marketing and advertising platforms. That's synergy.

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“That is a great blog! Everything in it is factual … I think you are getting so knowledgeable in my line of work that I will soon be able to use my blogs as instructional training literature for new employees . Thanks as always…”

–J.W., Geneva, IL
–J.W., Geneva, IL Owner, Landscaping Company

“All I can say is WOW! I wish I could write like that.”

–B.C., Naperville
–B.C., Naperville

“We are very happy with our first month, the numbers look great and we loved the blog. And I love the video! I think it can be our first YouTube video.”

 Brian, HVAC Plainfield
Brian, HVAC Plainfield

Thank you for taking the time to so thoroughly explain things. You are clearly on top of things and that makes me feel good.

John, E-Commerce Client, Los Angeles, California
John, E-Commerce Client, Los Angeles, California

I just wanted to say one more time that I think the video is fantastic ... You knocked it out of the park! LOVE IT

John, E-Commerce Client, Los Angeles, CA
John, E-Commerce Client, Los Angeles, CA